Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain the process of how you buy houses?2019-01-29T16:42:46+00:00

Each Process is different. However, in the simplest terms. You call us or fill out the form in the SELL YOUR HOUSE NOW tab. You will receive a call or email within 24 Hours to talk about the property. If it matches our criteria we set an appointment that suits your schedule and we walk through the property. Once we walk through the house we provide an Offer on site. Normally we allow 1-2 days to review our contract and if accepted we meet up again to sign. Once accepted, on the spot we will email the contract to the title company to begin the title work. We schedule a time for our contractor to walk through the property, our contractor assess the game plan for the property and sets up a scope of work. After that the day before closing we set up a final walk through of the property to ensure it’s in the same condition as when we signed the contract then, we head to closing!

There’s Currently a Tenant in my House, How will you handle it?2019-01-29T16:42:11+00:00

We have worked with occupied Properties before. Each one has their ideal challenges. Normally if the tenant is under lease and paying on time we will honor the lease and allow them to stay in the property. If we are planning to keep the property as a rental and they are a good tenant we will sign them over to our lease when theirs expire. If they are currently under the process of eviction then we recommend that the eviction follows through the courts and we will close on the property once the eviction is completed. If the tenant has no lease or is on a month to month we will buy the property with the tenant occupied and then consult our team on the next step after we close on the property.

My house is HIDEOUS!! Are you sure you want to buy it?2019-01-29T16:41:40+00:00

Unlike Most buyers, Turnkey Renovations Loves a messy house that needs a lot of work. We have contractors that can handle ANY situation. So Yes, in most cases we want to buy that Hideous House!

What Happens to the contents in my house?2019-01-29T16:41:00+00:00

Simple Answer: That’s up to you! When we make our offers on your house, the way we make the offer is simply this, if you want to up and leave the house now our offer is presented in just that occasion. So, if you don’t want to deal with anything in the house we take care of it and you don’t have to lift a finger. Obviously, if there are things in the house you want, just discuss it with us and we will make sure that before closing those items are In your possession.

Then What?2019-01-29T16:40:15+00:00

Then the house is Sold!! Our company makes sure that even before we get to the closing table we talk with the sellers to make sure a solution is provided in all cases. Even if it means we don’t buy the house! Whether it’s providing resources for moving trucks or storage facilities, quality retirement homes in the area, or making sure any questions or fears are solved before we get to closing; so, we know the stress of this property is no longer on your shoulders and you can relax knowing the property is in good hands.

How Fast Can you close on my House?2019-01-29T16:39:18+00:00

Simple Answer: As soon as the title is clear from our title company. In some instances, we have closed in 7 days. Our focus is finding a closing date that is ideal for the sellers of the properties but for us to coordinate our contractors and paperwork we will generally ask for closings to be 14 days from signing of the Purchase Contract.

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