Eric Kottner and Family

Eric Kottner Bio:

Managing Member, Eric Kottner.  Eric Kottner has been full time in real estate since he was 18!  He is a Pure born and Bred Cincinnati native and likes to donate to local organizations in his hometown of Fairfield.  He has over 10+ Years of Residential and commercial experiences in property acquisitions. There are very few things he hasn’t seen in this business.  Married in 2012 to his Incredible Wife Kelly whose profession is a Veterinary Technician in a growing company located in West Chester. They had their first Child Abigail in August of 2016.  Eric wants to continue growing his business locally in the areas he grew up in and fell in love with and wants to make the communities he purchases houses in better One house at a time.

Lance T. Miller Bio

Lance T. Miller Bio:

Acquisitions Manager, Lance Miller – Born and raised originally in Maryland and then moving between DC, Virginia, Tennessee and now finally Ohio, Lance T. Miller is our go-to-guy for helping homeowners in difficult situations. He understands hardship and has had his own ups and downs including loss of his primary residence during the housing crash in 2008. 10 years later, he now dedicates his time to helping Ohioans in the Cincinnati area understand their options when it comes to letting go of their home and getting themselves back on track. Together with Eric Kottner, they’ve restored financial peace to many homeowners and brought about significant change in several communities.

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Our History

Turnkey Renovations, LLC is a full service Real Estate Investing Company. We have been in business since June of 2011 and in that period of time we have expanded into Buying, fixing up, and selling to new homeowners so they can enjoy a low maintenance lifestyle in our Turnkey homes. We have also built up a fine portfolio of rental properties that we fix up and rent to qualified individuals.

In the economic downturn we have created and found a way to expand and grow our business into something that gives a quality product to our end clients, partners of other Real Estate firms, and investors that has helped turn over the blighted properties that have entered the Cincinnati market.

We are members of the Real Estate Investment Association of Greater Cincinnati (REIAGC) and our managing member has years of Real Estate related experience that will help expand us deeper into the Cincinnati Market and assist more Sellers in need. Eric also is the co-leader for the REIAGC’s rehabbers focus group teaching investors in the proper techniques for fixing properties in Cincinnati.

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A managing member of this corporation is a Licensed Agent in the state of Ohio.

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